Sunday, November 15, 2015

The "Billy no Mates" of the Arab World

I read today a desciption of Muammar Gaddafi as the "billy no mates" of the Arab world and it is certainly true that had it not been for the support of Arab countries, the current intervention in Libya by our country and others would not be taking place. I congratulate David Cameron and William Hague on this one, their efforts were central to bringing about a proper UN Resolution as well as International willing for action. Now our brave airmen and airwomen are in flight supported by their colleagues, I wish them all well for a safe return.
gordon brown and col gadaffi
Nobody has mentioned Libya on the doorstep when I have been out talking to people, I didn't expect them to. However, many people have mentioned rocketing fuel prices, something I certainly did expect. The two issues are clearly related. Instability in Libya caused the recent spike in oil prices. Despite the fact that the Saudis increased their oil production in response to the instability, prices still spiked due to the uncertainty in the market.

For me the solution is simple, we must reduce our dependency on oil. If a similar crisis had developed in say Saudi Arabia, the spike in oil prices would have been such as to perforate our economy and destroy any recovery. The nuclear alternative is fraught with danger. The tragedy of Japan serves as a real warning to all those who see nuclear power as a solution to oil dependency.

This brings me to renewable sources of energy, I support investing in and developing renewables. May I make it quite clear, not in the ad hoc manner of random individual applications for wind turbines, but in a clearly organised and structured fashion. No longer, should aesthetics be raised as an objection to renewables, when it is at the expense of greater economic independence and greater economic stability. Energy is one important area, in which, I believe we in Northern Ireland, could take the lead for the UK and lay solid foundations for our future. Working For Change in East Antrim

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