Sunday, November 15, 2015

Monkstown Anti-Drugs Protest

I am always happy to support communities standing up against criminal elements operating within areas.

I admire the courage and determination of residents in Monkstown who turned up to protest on this occasion. I was and I am happy to show them my support. Tackling crime invoves galvanising community spirit and ensuring the policing response is properly co-ordinated and maintains community confidence.

Potential witnesses to crime must be reassured and protected from potential or actual intimidation. Working as a Barrister I have all too often seen at first hand cases collapse or turn on witness non-participation or non-co-operation, no doubt more often than not through fear.

I feel I have a contribution to make at Stormont to ensure witnesses within our criminal justice system are properly supported and protected. Oh yeah How Many More Leaflets? Have Alliance lost it in Carrick? read another article this blog

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