Sunday, November 15, 2015

No Ulster Voice In the New Parliament

No Ulster Voice In the New Parliament.- As the shape of the next Government becomes apparent and the size of the majority of the Conservative Lib Dem coalition confirmed, it is clear that no Northern Ireland individual or grouping will have any influence on the balance of power in the next Parliament. In East Belfast many will be asking why in ousting Robinson by backing a candidate who supports the Lib Dems, they did not simply vote Conservative and Unionist, and in East Antrim many voters who believed in the DUP unfetterd voice will now see a Government not needing to listen to a handful of local MPs. The only influence we could have had by being on the inside is now sadly lost. That said, if the Lib Dems get their referendum on AV that will be good for Northern Ireland too. Working For Change in East Antrim

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